Let them eat health insurance (29/6/2012)

Obama as doctor

What the Republican party big wigs think Obama sees himself as, I wouldn’t really mind him as a GP

Yesterday, the US Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s health reforms. The system, called “Obamacare“, by sneering opponents aims to give every American proper health coverage. So that is they get sick, even if they don’t have insurance, they will be looked after – their version of the NHS. Say what you like about the NHS e.g. “I had to wait an hour to see a GP, disgraceful! What is this country coming to!” (which when you consider the fact that most countries in the world don’t have universal healthcare, makes those people sound like pigs complaining that the mud they’re wading in is only tepid, even as they roll gloriously in their own filth), but at least we don’t have people dying left, right and centre from a bad case of the flu.

Democrats think the reforms aren’t big enough, Republicans think the state is overreaching. Their argument being that making people buy coverage and then fining them if they don’t goes against the constitution – nevermind that insurance premiums will apparently sky-rocket and hurt the quality of care, or some such nonsense.

Julie Walters, a recruiter in Novato, California whose 3 year old daughter Violet has a rare genetic condition that causes severe epilepsy, said this – “We are jumping for joy. It means we can live our life not in fear.” Her daughter would have lost coverage for her pre-existing condition had the bill been struck down. Since the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare’s real name) took hold, millions of children with pre-existing conditions whose parents could not afford healthcare coverage were suddenly protected. The Republican party is rallying against sick children. Not to put too fine a point on it, but they are actively campaigning to make sure if a very ill child gets sicker, and their parents can’t afford the treatment, that the child learns the world sucks before promptly dying.

Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the V...

Romney mimes how to dip your hands into a collection box

Upon seeing some horrible, little, small-minded “soccer mom” screaming at a camera that they’ll elect Mitt Romney to repeal this wicked, naughty, bad universal health coverage – I said this on my Facebook account: “American Republicans are a disgusting bunch, and America does not deserve Obama as its president. The very fact that there has been such conflict over a healthcare bill that, shockingly, seeks to make sure the health of a nation does not remain so appallingly third world is a testament to something extremely troubling with that country. Every man is equal over there unless they are poor through no fault of their own but instead due to a morally bankrupt society, then it’s perfectly alright to let those poor people rot.”

I stand by that statement, there’s something desperately wrong with a group of people who believe universal healthcare will ruin their country. What’s worse is that much of the House of Representatives heaves with rabid Republicanism, the House Speaker is a Republican for god’s sake! Which makes no sense, why should the Speaker, a role which I view as an impartial one, be partisan? The aforementioned Speaker, John Boehner (come on, his name implies he’s a prick), tweeted this: “We don’t have to accept ‘Obamacare’…The House will continue to fight for full repeal. House Republicans remain committed to FullRepeal of the president’s healthcare law and all its tax hikes, fees and mandates.” You go Johnny boy! Grind those poor people and those children into dust, do America proud!

Though Mr Boehner isn’t the only right-wing bully of sick children and struggling parents everywhere, he is joined by the Republican turbo-bitch Michele Bachman. Bachman believes that this is forcing Americans to pay for the court’s “utopian dreams” which they “simply can’t afford to pay for.” Though the Republicans aren’t short of Darth Vader-style robo-bitches (you can see I really don’t enjoy their views), as Mitt Romney’s frothing attack dog in the House of Reps, Cathy McMorris-Rogers said this: “It’s a terrible law. Unprecedented government power, fundamentally changing the relationship between the individual and government.” I doubt Cathy or Michele are students of history, as when the NHS came along, the UK did not experience a fiery socialist apocalypse with communist doctors branding patients with the old hammer and sickle.

In this merry show of typical Republican kindness, there was one amusing tidbit from Casey W, an opponent of the bill, on his twitter, “I’m moving to Canada. Obviously the United States doesn’t know what they are doing anymore. This used to be a great country… Pretty sad.” Casey fails to realise that viewing leaving a country with incipient universal healthcare for one with well-established universal healthcare as the correct, angry indignant response does make him an enormous twat. Though when compared to Mitt Romney, Casey’s twattishness pales into insignificance if put up to the shockingly greasy, blisteringly unpleasant horse’s arse of a man that is the Republican presidential candidate.

If you enjoyed that, please suggest another area of current affairs for me to dissect, my inspiration for starting up has definitely been my friend Alex White’s Holistic History.


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