Lose, lose: liberalism dies a dismal death (9/7/2012)


What a wonderful revolution! Hey, does it look like it’s gotten worse?

The Arab Spring has turned out to be more of an Arab Leaky Tap. Imagine the scene, you’ve toppled a “president for life” dictatorial figure who has ruled your country with more care for their pockets than the people. You have spent months protesting, lobbying and perhaps became embroiled in a minor civil war to depose said leader. Now, you’ve ousted that undemocratic sod, and look what happens, religious extremists creep in like Islamic house invaders. Just what Middle Eastern liberalism needs, a madcap theocracy! Enter the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamist militias and Wahhabism – or as I like to call it, the recipe for smothering liberalism with a Fair Trade pillow in its ecologically aware bed.

Good news is everywhere for the Arab World as Middle Brotherhood affiliates have won roaring victories in Morocco, Kuwait and Algeria. The Muslim Brotherhood claims to be a “moderate” Islamist group! What nonsense, that’s more absurd than claiming to a vegetarian cannibal, do they think anybody in the West is really buying that crap? Muslim Brotherhood groups all over the Middle East are being put into power, Tunisia and Egypt being the most recent examples.

Logo Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood – a fatwa a day keeps democracy away

Now can anyone tell me what the consequence of a theocratic government in an Arab country is? No, not you woman, no one said you could speak! Ridiculous female! Yes, that’s right, male student (the only sort we like here in our Islamist schools), Sharia law! Sharia can hardly be described as a forward-thinking and progressive method of governance. Just a few of the fluffiest examples of it are: a Caliph (head of an Islamic state) cannot be charged or punished for serious crimes including rape, a percentage of alms must go towards jihad, a Muslim will not get the death penalty for killing a non-Muslim and the dowry is given in exchange for the woman’s sexual organs (you’re paying for your wife’s vagina, not her conversational skills because ideally she should not speak).

My rose-tinted Leftist glasses would like to me to mention the fact that liberals seem to have taken the lead in the Libyan elections. That’s according to the Alliance of National Forces (the liberal union composed of 58 parties), whose main rivals Justice & Construction (which sounds like a naff superhero team but is actually another Muslim Brotherhood group) concede they have a “net lead” in Tripoli and Benghazi. Do consider that the lovely, woman-friendly Libyan elections might produce a coalition power between the ANF and Justice & Construction (which I now think sounds like a Soviet superhero team); in essence another win for the Muslim Brotherhood there, if only a partial one.

This is just an interlude to the Islamist, tribal and Gaddafi loyalist violence that is eating the country up; a situation helped by corrupt officials and businessmen gorging themselves on smuggled money. Not to mention that extremely extreme Salafi Muslims may be about to launch another coup in Tunisia to destroy democracy and bring in good, old-fashioned Sharia after a campaign of attacking liberal artists and intellectuals, firebombing anywhere that sells alcohol (hopefully standing well back unless their hate of alcohol makes them oblivious to its explosive qualities) and attacking women who refuse to wear the veil (because then you can’t objectify properly if you can see their faces). I’ve already said that extremists are blossoming in and creeping about Syria, playing the Wahhabi edition of What Time is it Mr Fox? In the meantime, the Muslim Brotherhood can go about radicalising Egyptian society through legislation.

At the very start of this Arab Spring, my naivete and enthusiasm for democracy made me overlook what the outcome must be to simply ousting a leader without building a coherent strategy for the post-dictatorship period. Well, the West isn’t what will suffer, somehow Western leaders will kiss enough arse to get the oil it wants. Rather, it is those people who believed in a more liberal, open society that are going to eat Islamist dirt.


One thought on “Lose, lose: liberalism dies a dismal death (9/7/2012)

  1. Very interesting stuff, as ever. Some of the post-Arab-Spring Islamist ideas seem out of place in the modern world, but to criticize them is to criticize the direct word of God…I can see controversy and religious tension rear their ugly heads in the future.

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