Osborne economics: Death by a thousand cuts (03/09/12)

It’s been over a month since I posted but life has been so busy that I simply couldn’t find the time.

English: George Osborne MP, pictured speaking ...


As a welcome back, I’ve decided to tackle that bugbear of mine – George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer. Now, aside from the contempt I have for his rotten face there are genuine bones to pick with this chap.

Mr Osborne is something of an economic grim reaper except without any of death’s forthright attitude or likability. Saying that, he’s a stubborn sort – merrily ignoring the calls on all sides to turn the ship around even as the iceberg looms and skies darken. He strikes up an odd dichotomy of being both an obstinate boor and useless pussy-footer.


David Davis(an imaginatively named man if there ever was one), former

David Davis, just after hearing about the double-dip recession, yes, he has soiled himself.

shadow home secretary, urged Mr Osborne in a speech today to employ ‘shock therapy’. Suggesting that the government’s deficit cutting plan was not enough to fix the problems; well done, Mr Davis, for stating the blatantly obvious to anyone with a pair of brain cells. He called the Chancellor “clever and resourceful”…Excuse my scepticism but I’ve seen nothing of use and heard nothing but worthless rhetoric from the George Osborne that Britain hates.

Mr Davis talks about cutting taxes, regulation and energy costs as well as ensuring bank lending is available. In short, Mr Davis has struck upon a fantastic new economic idea: free up the money of the populace so they can pump it back into the country and at the same time invest in small to medium sized businesses.

What’s that! Taking your boot off of the public’s throat means it can breathe easier? Nonsense! If it was so easy why hasn’t the “clever and resourceful” Chancellor thought to do this (as well as drop fuel duty, another painfully obvious necessity that the Coalition won’t put in place because of a resulting short term dent in the coffers)? Ah, I have it! He’s a tit. Government is run by tits. Another revelation then.

Cutting public services while raising VAT, fuel duty and lowering taxes for millionaires. Using rubbish about police commissioners, playing infrastructure voodoo with foolish off balance sheet accounting (see the bottom of the BBC article liked earlier) and a slew of glittering rhetoric to distract from our contracting economy. Thinking any of us is buying into his bullshit. George Osborne becomes more loathsome at every turn.

Gustave Dore. Dudley street, seven dials. Busy street scene with sets of shops which can be seen on the right. The shops are selling shoes which are lining up on the floor around the opening from under the ground. Children and their mothers are in front of them. This image was first published in 'London, a Pilgrimage' 1872, on p.158.

London: 1872, All of Britain in five years

What’s worse is that he listens to those whose only concern chucking out labour rights and scything welfare to make the unemployed snap up shoddy jobs. All about the world, finance secretaries are aiming for a lone austerity approach and essentially telling the rest of the world to go the the devil! A Bank of England figure, Adam Posen, pointed out that this is not working anywhere else and isn’t working here. All of this adds up to the British economy shrinking by 0.5%, the world economy continuing to grind perilously close to a chasm and Britain tiptoeing backwards into a Dickensian world. The deserving poor can stumble from temporary job to temporary job while the undeserving poor are sent to the workhouse, I mean, job centre.

Britain and her dog are screaming in the Chancellor’s face to get off his arse and start acting, to cut out this economic cowardice, alleviate the strain on ordinary people by spreading the tax base, listen to a wider range of thinkthanks/economists but to just generally quit nattering about this or that and get to the business of saving our accounts with your lousy self.

Buck up your ideas George, there’s a nation here which approves of you less than Nick Clegg! Do you want this to continue?


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