What have I missed? (28/10/12)

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Macro-politics for the busy.

It’s been well over a month since my last post, much to my personal shame. I could not find time in these rushing weeks to post an update. Then again, this is The Incidental Review. To make up for my absence, I shall give a quick cross-section of three stories I would have put up had I had the time.

Romney Ryan Snake Oil

Romney-Ryan, doing it for the 1%

Mitt Romney found his running partner, Paul Ryan, seemingly at the top of a pile of Republican ideologues. Mr Romney has been pulled further towards the right with every passing week, appealing to the delightfully named Tea Party – more likely to throw tea in your liberal lap than into the sea. Appealing to the right-wing base of his party is very clever thinking! The only thing Protestant Republicans hate more than Mormons is godless liberals.

Ryan intends to pound lower- and middle-class America until it can’t walk right, and won’t even be there in the morning. High income Americans will pay less, which is fine because everybody else will pay more, especially the very poorest. Not to mention removing certain tax deductions, unsurprisingly further screwing everyone but the super-rich. Considering that the Romney-Ryan plan also sees Medicare cuts which would result in seniors being squeezed, less access to healthcare and reduced quality of healthcare: tempered of course by greater efficiency.

That seems fair, greater efficiency in return for normal-income old people and the poor being left to fend for themselves. Cutting taxes for the rich being based upon this ridiculous myth that seems to have appeared from nowhere: taxing the rich too highly hurts the American economy. Nonsense.

Come November, America will decide whether it wants to go Democrat or Republican. Thanks to the way the electoral system works, you can get more people voting for you and still lose. Obama appeared to win two debates, Romney appeared to win one. I hope it turns out that way come voting day.

1933 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Norman Angel...

The next great worry: Eurozone is falling down but somehow won a Nobel Peace Prize! An award already devalued by President Obama awarded it simply for being elected, now the EU is given it during a time of economic crisis which threatens to tip Southern Europe into chaos. Spain and Greece teeter on the edge of societal collapse in the face of howling debt, and a coarsening of the Greek people opening up a breeding ground for fascism. The far-right always finds purchase in times of economic crisis, and the nationalist Golden Dawn party in Greece is most definitely perfecting its Nazi routine – even if it denies the similarities.

Though that was in August, things have gotten much worse since then. It really is a farce that the EU can be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing peace to the continent after the World Wars. The Allies did that. What about citing the Yugoslav Wars? NATO did that. The EU has only really existed since the last decade of the 20th century, before that it was the EEC – which stood around uselessly as horrors were perpetrated in the Balkans for two years, before it became the EU and continued to be just as useless. Did the EEC help bring down the Iron Curtain? No, it didn’t. The Nobel Committee has given Europe a peace baby to try to save its ruinous polygamous marriage. Don’t bring a child into a dying relationship, it doesn’t work.


JIMMY SAVILE, the new bogeyman

Someone said to me why are we looking into the child abuse cases against children’s entertainer Jimmy Savile now that he’s dead. That’s rather the reason, why is it only now after his death are we tackling literally hundreds of reports of child sexual abuse perpetrated by Savile? Everyone is up in arms because the BBC, the Department of Health and even the police allowed one man to frolic perversely through public institutions.

Each day Savile-gate wore on, more people were tutting and nodding – saying something along the lines of: “I knew it, the dirty bastard.” Bullshit, if we all knew, why was there never once a suggestion in the press before it all came spilling out that Jimmy Savile was this busy-handed, paedophile-incarnation of Satan? The whole business would be laughable if his crimes weren’t so awful. In his dressing room where Savile sexually assaulted girls and women without impunity as well as on his rounds through the hospitals where he did charity work and a bit of fiddling on the side.

So faced with 400 lines of inquiry and 300 potential victims, how were we ever so naïve? Admittedly, the whole affair is degenerating into a farcical parade of how attitudes in 60’s and 70’s Britain saw all of this swept under the carpet and exploding now as a three-ring circus of scandal. Exasperated by a Newsnight investigation into Savile’s abuses being denied air time in 2011, and a Christmas tribute to him done soon afterwards. The BBC was covering its ass, and is now being punished for the public getting a glimpse of buttock – metaphorically speaking.

As the rest of the world deals with turning points, Britain must confront the shame of its recent past in the form of Jimmy Savile’s re-emerged murky sexual escapades across 40 years of media history. Syria can wait, Russia’s lack of democracy can keep quiet, Israel can tough it out – we have a pervert to pillory and institutions to humiliate.


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