As it happens: The Golden Dawn – grand name, grander ideas (05/03/13)

I’m sorry for leaving it a month, blah, blah, blah…You should be used to this.

A depiction of the Meandros, a classical Greek...

A Meandros, the symbol being used by Golden Dawn. The first person to say swastika wins a cake.

Imagine the scene. A nation in economic crisis during a time of wider austerity; a tide of nationalist sentiment rising as the people look for someone to blame. Talk of expelling immigrants because they must be the ones responsible for the national troubles, talk of restricting which ethnicity may serve in protection of their nation and a nifty salute…Nazis? I hear you say.

Yes, but not strictly the National Socialist Party. The Golden Dawn, a Greek nationalist party, whose name is at once both ridiculous and chilling. You heard me correctly. It’s happening again. The combination of mass unemployment and massive immigration mixed with the right ideologue, equates invariably to the removal of the “other”. The best part has to be this, their leader has doubts about the Jewish Holocaust; they are actually incensed by the idea of marking it at all.

Have you heard of them? Chances are that you probably have, but I bet you just saw it as some weird anachronism that austerity has stirred up. Like that mean bloke who slapped that woman! Naughty Fascists. Those violent, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, racists – what a bunch of silly billies! Antonis Elinas, a political scientist at the university of Cyprus, said this: “They’re at the extreme end of the far-right spectrum, but what makes them exceptional is their use  of violence.” Exceptional. In fact Golden Dawn is a bit egalitarian: it hates Jews and Muslims. The Golden Dawn is trying to rise, we have to be aware.

Silly billies with 18 seats in the Greek parliament. Rotters with their foot in the

English: The Greek Children on the Independenc...

The Golden Dawn’s target market

doors of Greek schools, to “educate” the young: even getting at them in primary school to push that ignorance into their bones. The party even wants to open nursery schools! The Golden Dawn calls this educational initiative a “national awakening”, where they recount their special version of Greek history to these impressionable young minds…They’ve even got a youth branch, not unusual for a political party, but sweet Jesus does it need to be any more obvious. The young are being drawn to them and being drawn in by them; appealing to the sense of vitality and need for change that young people have…Hang on, this sounds familiar…Trying to indoctrinate the youth using a nationalist/fascist ideal? I’ve got it!

The Golden Dawn is worrying Germany, and when the Germans tell you something sounds Nazi-like, you pay attention. Golden Dawn members have set up a cell in Nuremberg (seriously, I couldn’t make this shit up) to recruit young Greeks who have left the sinking ship to find work. As a consequence German and Greek neo-Nazis can further bond over tiddlywinks and racial science. Where is the international uproar? Nowhere to be heard. There is deafening silence, which I believe is denial.

Foreigners are being attacked and even killed, politicians have been assaulted (I know, I know), rallies are being held, networks are being expanded and public opinion is building as the message of the party becomes more mainstream –

Never again. I do not want to live in a world, where we watched it happen

Salute to the Nazis

Let’s all follow the dog’s example

again, and did nothing. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Or good women, or good human beings to be certain that this messages gets across. We cannot simply watch.


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