How July became YouTube Famous


1) The second  month of summer

2) Home to the Henley Royal Regatta and Wimbledon

3) Inspiration for Emily Diana Ruth’s artistic miniature short film series ‘Dear July’

In 2013 YouTuber and Filmmaker Emily Diana Ruth began the video series that has made July famous. Addressing her ‘Letters to July’ she created something that became a sensation amongst YouTubers and bloggers alike, instigating a surge of artistic creation from all over the globe to appear on the internet.

Miss Ruth’s raw artistic talent can be seen throughout the videos on her YouTube channel, but never more so than in her ‘Dear July’ series. In her series Ruth lets her viewers into her life, presenting them with a very candid and raw artistic snapshot of her life and musings every day in the month of July. Through a series of soft lit and artsy out-of-focus shots, Ruth plays with depth of field in her videos complimenting this with a washed out, vintage lighting design and the soft and reflective voiceovers of her lulling Canadian slur reading out her ‘Letters to July’.

After a long hiatus from her YouTube channel, Miss Ruth is finally picking her camera back up and tiptoeing back into the YouTube artistic scene. With the recent release of her latest short film ‘Cold’, a touching story about a ‘lost girl’, and her latest ‘Dear July’ videos appearing daily on her channel she’s one to watch once more as she finds her feet again.

Having posted a shaky and self-conscious video a few months previously, Emily expressed concerns about not being “enough” of this or that to produce work that she was proud of, voicing a fear of inadequacy on more levels than merely her artistic talent. However, it seems that now she is attempting to ease her way back into her artistic work on YouTube and shatter her previous insecurities. So, go and take a look at the girl who made July YouTube famous’ work and enjoy the ease of watching and listening her grow as an artist and as a person.


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