Artist of the Month : Sophie van der Perre


“with my work I try to evoke pureness, freedom and nostalgia”

Sophie van der Perre, a 28 year old Belgian photographer based in Amsterdam, is on the rise. A relatively unknown photographer until recent years, Sophie van der Perre’s work is astonishingly intimate and emotional. Her photographic weapon of choice, the analogue camera, has been making a huge comeback, especially in recent years, as the chemical wonders of film take us back to our simplistic routes in an increasingly digitally orientated society.


If one takes a look at van der Perre’s portfolio, it is clear to see that she pours a heart full of emotion into her works. Her images, carefully crafted and timed, draw the beholder into the world and thoughts of the subjects. With a great emphasis on portrait photography and the mysteries that lie behind the eyes of her subjects, van der Perre succeeds in capturing a very raw emotional side of her subjects. Stating in an interview with smileinyourface that:

“I try to tell a story and evoke people when they are watching my photos. I hope they get lost in thoughts by looking at them”

000030-290x189And that she does. Through the use of extreme close ups and ‘unassuming’, ‘un-staged’ subject poses Sophie van der Perre’s photography enchants. Her attitude to her photographs alone, describing them as to be “watched” and not simply viewed suggests a true animation to her portraits. She gives them a life of their own and thus emotions of their own. Each one cherished and three dimensional in its own right.

And, like her photographs, she is certainly one to watch in the international photography industry.


Photo credits: Sophie van der Perre

Official Website


Article by Daniella Bassett


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