The Liberal Cynics

Meet The Liberal Cynics!


Editorial Team:

Chavonne Brown, Chief Editor     @theliberalcynic

Jacob Standbridge, Assistant Chief Editor     @ponderingfootball

John Bidder, Foreign Editor     @johnbidder95

Daniella Bassett, Domestic Editor     @daniellabassett

Benedict Churchus, Foreign Update Editor    @benchurchus


Writers’ Team:

Will Carroll     @willdotcom95

Bethany Kapila

Andrew Ward

Thomas Ling

Will Sharman   @williamlukesharman

Laurence Smith   @larrydsmith

Tom Shacklock   @tshacklock

Jake Aaron Williams @jakewilliams93

Sam Arrowsmith     @itssamarrowsmith

Jake Daniels

Ciaran Cresswell

Samuel Foulder-Hughes

Duncan Bradshaw-Smith   @druncandonuts

Ben Whale     @mellodrachmatic

Jake Scott


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